Watheroo, wreaths & wandering around

Watheroo morning mist

Watheroo morning mist

Our first day was pretty short by usual standards.  It was simply enough to be on the road, and having not made it to the supermarket we only had the remains from our home fridge with us; a jar of red cabbage sauerkraut, leftover jalapenos, two lemons, one orange devoid of skin (denuded for Waz’s gin), and half a packet of bacon.  Like a vision, the welcoming Watheroo Station Tavern loomed in the dusk, offering free camping, hot showers and home cooked food! Bonus offer – the Watheroo National Park was just down the road. Yes, yes, and heck, yes.

Which brings me to my latest project: I’m going to visit every National Park in Australia. I thought it would be a great way to spend the four months. Then I discovered there were ‘over 500’. The husband of a friend said “But that will take ten years!”, which is probably on the money, but in my defence, I do my best work when there is a list to attack, and I do not like list items mocking me for too long.


Watheroo National Park, super-size-me mosquitoes

So to Watheroo National Park.  An amazing array of wildflowers (in season), echidnas and rich wildlife, areas of water and walking tracks, it covers over 44,000 hectares and is home to Jingemia Cave, and the biggest mosquitoes I’ve had to take an entire palm to.


Teeny wildflowers in Watheroo National Park – the cluster is smaller than a 5c piece

Sporting around 50 bites despite industrial spray, I was ready for the Watheroo Station Tavern dining room for some excellent offerings from the kitchen ladies. Lamb shanks, fish in butter and caper sauce, salad and vege. Washed down with an $18 bottle of wine. A bargain night for $58. It’s a must stay!


The fabled wreath flower – not at all sad!

The next morning I had the wildflower trail maps open, with an eye out for the ‘extremely rare’ yet seemingly common wreath flower.  Any local info/visitor centre is happy to hand draw specifics on a map : “They are near this cross road, before you get to the big tree, under the fenceline, and behind the bush…”.  The rest of the morning was a a zig zag around taking in wildflower hot spots: Carnamah, Morewa, Three Springs, Mingenew, and winding up at Coalseam Conservation Park (surely this counts as a National Park?!).


Roadside wildflowers

While the East Coast may have the Big Pineapple, Western Australia’s wildflowers are the biggest collection on Earth – with over 12,000 species, 60% of which are found nowhere else. If it appeals, make a date to self-drive the many trails from July to November.


Coalseam Miners Camp

By this stage Waz had that strained look. He had gone above and beyond with the driving back down roads he had already been, and blood sugar was plummeting alongside his sense of humour. Picking up the pace we set up camp at Coalseam Miners Camp. The result of a spirited exchange in a radiant 36 degrees abuzz with clouds of flies about whether site nine was better than four, and where north was.

Next: Mt Augustus and dust. So. Much. Dust.


26 Comments on “Watheroo, wreaths & wandering around”

  1. Joanne says:

    Great Nines, looking forward to seeing your fabulous work and hearing about your adventures! Love Joanne and Reed

  2. Catherine Drake says:

    Love your descriptive commentary on our beautiful country, Nina!

  3. Surreal wildflower pics! Dystopia meets Seuss.

  4. fokkerf100 says:

    Love the Watheroo morning mist photo – looks like a Federick McCubbin oil painting

    • Nina Williams says:

      Thanks! You are on right the money! I’m heavily influenced by Australia’s old masters painters. I just love that look! x

  5. Beryl Drake says:

    Beautiful photos of our country, keep it up it is so enjoyable to see and read about love to you both

  6. Ken Drake says:

    Keep the photos & the commentary & by the way you may as well keep Warren as well. xx

  7. petejfreeman says:

    Love it Babe, can’t wait for the rest of the installments. So jealous!!!

  8. Paul Lee says:

    Nice work Nina!!!

  9. Tracey Boadle says:

    Love your pics and stories. Keep em coming.

  10. Rob says:

    Fantastic article Nina! I felt like I was there, Looking forward to the next instalment. Hi to the big fella

  11. Stacey Bell says:

    Your staying in Coleseam !! Life goals being ticked ! That place is rad !!

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