And so it begins: 2.0

It’s Friday. Warren has taken voluntary redundancy from Telstra, and will be finishing in a week. He declares with enthusiasm that we are to hitch up the Aussie Swag camper trailer (creatively referred to as The Swag) and hit the road. For around four months. Leaving in two weeks. All that is required is to buy a suitable vehicle, pack a minimalist bag, slow to 40KPM for a quick food shop, and we would be off.

Alas, no. We have the ingenious idea of installing some people in our house while we are gone, and I am granted a revelation. Apparently the hours spent bingeing Netflix had robbed me of the truthful vision that my home held grime ransom in every crevice.  The gloves, magic erasers, and a toothbrush that would deprive anyone of gum margin came out and I was off on a Konmari* extravaganza with laser focus.

Have you ever inspected your washing machine? The thing that cleans everything else, that never actually gets cleaned itself? A quick check on what it would cost to buy and simply replace the Fisher & Paykel manky bits had me head back to the garage for another solution. The steamer, the water blaster, a bladed scraper later, and good deal of muscle later (hooray for pre-dawn winter pool kilometres**), I stood back with satisfaction.  [At this stage I must mention our laundry lives in the garage. It’s a matter of priorities. Namely Warren’s wine storage trumps boring laundry that Warren is still in a quandary over what it’s contribution to life quality is.]

Then I noticed the wall behind the washing machine. Having just reorganised the entire garage pre-departure, I knew exactly where the painting stuff was.  No multiple trips to Bunnings here. Two hours later, two walls of the garage were freshly white.  I’ll leave you to imagine how this played out in every corner, draw, and crevice of our house.

By the time our incredibly lovely new tenants knocked on the door last Sunday, 16 days post declaration, I was at the stage of dually cleaning the fridge and flinging indiscriminate matter into the trailer. A bag of dry goods, dirty runners, and clean linen vied for real estate on the back seat. I paused and took a moment to appreciate the immaculate cream sheepskin seat covers, champagne interior, and unmarked ‘Liquid Bronze’ exterior of our newly purchased car. It would never look this way again.

We headed out the drive and north. We hadn’t actually had time to discuss an itinerary, but a pie at the Bindoon Bakehaus would be a good start.

And so it begins.


*Marie Kondo is an organising expert who introduced the KonMari Method™ in her transformative best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” She began tidying as a young girl and refers to “tidying adventures”, just like me apart from being half my size in every measure, gently spoken, and smiling serenely out from perfectly face framing sleek hair. Simply reading her book is an exercise is peaceful mindfulness. The approach is rooted in a single question: Does this item spark joy? 

** Thanks Team Phoenix! xx

17 Comments on “And so it begins: 2.0”

  1. Ruth Day says:

    So adventures abound darling Nina!!! Or is this from the previous trip???? One is confused???

    • Nina Williams says:

      It’s current love! I’ve already had to clean about 20 kilos of red dust out of the trailer mesh. Standby for all we have packed into the first week!

  2. Janette says:

    Good luck! We will be watching, wishing we were there!

  3. Beryl Drake says:

    Looks like you are having fun enjoy looking forward to more news love xxx

  4. Kathy says:

    Here’s hoping your lovely tenants are just that. We thought our tenants were a lovely English family until we returned to grime, neglect and damage. Looking on the positive side it’s keeping me very busy and it’s going to be lovely by the time I finish all the work. Enjoy your road trip and Mike and I will look forward to your photos and travel news. Xx

    • Nina Williams says:

      That sucks! It will be absolutely lovely when you are done. Can you perhaps justify a new kitchen or bathroom out of this?! Xxxx

    • Nina Williams says:

      Jeez that sucks!! Can you perhaps justify a new kitchen or bathroom?! 😃 And thanks, we’re looking good so far! X

  5. JB says:

    jealous !! Saw a doco last night of Billy Connolly travel shows – hope you have similar wonderful experiences and stories

  6. Alison Smith says:

    Love having your blog back safe travels and will look forward to reading about your adventures xx

    • Nina Williams says:

      Thanks Al, so good to hear! Haven’t got enough bandwidth to post the next chapter, but will soon! X

  7. kenholdawy says:

    Oooh I’m gonna enjoy this! I have Qs. What make of trans Australian transport have you hitched your adventure to? And what about the wine?

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    • Nina Williams says:

      Kenny, it has stepped up a WHOLE new level this time, by crikey. It took Waz 24 hours to find the beast. Prado 150 Series Liquid Bronze (because colour matters), with cream (!!!) sheepskin covers and champagne interior. When he saw it had a snorkel and bull bar, he was toast. Couldn’t get to the 4WD accessories shop fast enough to add to it. The wine is the aircon comfort of the Beast. 😀

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