The upside of insomnia

Wakeful at 4am. I now have a reason to get up!  Taking photos at night in urban areas means you are picking up all sorts of light sources, each contributing different colour casts to the final result. The challenge of offsetting urban glow is more than made up for by the purple and green that showed up from street lights a couple of nights ago. These have not been recoloured. Fingers took until 10am to thaw out!

Painting with light


2 Comments on “The upside of insomnia”

  1. Christine says:

    Love the colours! Don’t know how you got that purple!!! Christine

    • Nina Williams says:

      I would like to say thanks to the street lights of a small Gisborne estate, the city lights of Melbourne reflecting up into the sky and perhaps some atmospheric smog! The night before, the sky came out as a more typical navy/cobalt blue, no aubergine tinge in sight. It was out of the box!

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