Nullabor nights

During our last foray into the heart of Australia, we spent a bit of time camping in the bush. When it is pitch dark by 6.30pm, idle hands start messing around with the fire and camp equipment, specifically the light sources! Here are some of the results.

6 Comments on “Nullabor nights”

  1. Christine says:

    Hi Nina
    Love the images – very intriguing. Here is a link to an artists’ work came across recently:
    Quite compelling!
    Christine xo

  2. Silvi says:

    Nina – I’m loving the way you pushing the boundaries! These images speak of the big spaces but in a very reflective way that is unique to your experience out there. Good on you – hard to find ones own vision in such an iconic landscape, and you have.

    • Nina Williams says:

      Thanks Silvi, much appreciated! The possibilities are so exciting in such beautiful country. It drove me outside this morning at 5am to see what I could do. Still can’t feel my fingers!

  3. Shelley says:

    Spectacular scenary and photo’s, what an amazing trip and photographer!

    • Nina Williams says:

      Sheesh, thanks Shell! I’ve got a handful of photos to post but am losing the battle with html trying to figure out how to do a slideshow plugin. I wish I had a techo with me! nx

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