Bumper crop


I’ve been thrashing about in the bush, breaking into interpretive dance when a spider walks on my face, and walking around in public places all day oblivious to the vegetation stuck in my viking braids. Nothing unusual there. What is special is my discovery of a whole new range of colours in my subject matter. Recent rain and heat have prompted a whole new set of flowers to break the bonds of their containment and spread their stamens. A few of my favourite things from the last couple of weeks.  As always, I love knowing what your favourites are.









2 Comments on “Bumper crop”

  1. Christine says:

    As always lovely photos Nina. Is it just me or is there something comical about the little gumnuts trying to flower? Perhaps they look like gaping smiles showing lots of teeth! This time my favourite is No. 4 because of the bunching of leaves looks so tight and frames its little yellow gumnut. Christine

  2. Nina Williams says:

    Thanks Chrissie! Seriously comical! I wasn’t going to share…but…I find myself talking out loud to them and all I see now are pixie hats, personalities, teeth, and nipples (once the flower falls off). Just today, I said out loud to myself “Nina, you need to spend more time with humans.”

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