Those close to me may have noticed my barely concealed pathological desire for order. I am fully aware that this is one of those genuine weaknesses one could declare at a job interview, and not sound smug, unlike “Oh, a weakness? Hmm, let’s see. I’m a perfectionist?”. I say pathological because I actually feel anxious when things are disorderly, to the point of preventing forward motion. I write spreadsheets of packing lists for roadtrips, bike trips, work trips, lists for things that live permanently inside the camper, lists for stuff that gets added on the day of departure with the camper. I spend hours arranging the lists. I print the lists. W ignores the lists. Last weekend we took a quick trip to Margaret River. It is our 20th trip, and 150km down the road we realise we have no coffee. In terms of functional necessity, one may as well have forgotten to bring clothes.


I deal with my Disorder Disorder by making myself take abstract photos, and not rearranging my tees that call to me daily to be placed in order of hue and saturation. The Fleeting Glimpses technique (named during a road trip from Melbourne to Perth with photographer C, who introduced me to the idea) of shooting out the window of a car travelling at 110km is one way I practise achieving the unpredictable. I took these photos in the wonderfully verdant and be-sheeped hills of New South Wales, between Wagga and Canberra a couple of weeks ago. I love that the Auto-Focus and Vibration Reduction mechanism on my 70-200mm lens go crazy trying to lock onto something, which results in blurred lines going in lots of different directions, or a single plane of sharpness and all the rest a blur. Which is exactly what my brain feels like more than some of the time.

I welcome feedback on any of the pics I post. What do you like? What don’t you like? What do you want more of? Don’t be shy! It is great to hear what strikes people.

10 Comments on “Disorder”

  1. Lou Aspinall says:

    Love the blogs and the photo’s Neeny. As for the disorder, all I can offer is “wine time”. x

  2. Mike says:

    You need more time with Kathy, anal about some things but chaotic in others, a perfect blend of neurosis! I prefer the still shot rather than the moving shot as I didn’t have to keep shaking my head to try and focus on the second photo! (Tribute to modern family episode!).
    P.S. You can buy coffee in most places in Australia 🙂

    • Nina Williams says:

      I know the episode! And re the coffee…it has to be single origin, planted in the radiant beam of a full moon, lullabyed by the farmer, carried on donkey back, and not roasted by hipsters. (those are not my requirements – mine are even stricter!)

  3. Alison says:

    You make me laugh but I prefer the still shot and I don’t think there is anything wrong with having lots of lists, after spending numerous hours trying to find hotels overseas life was so much easier when we spent the extra time to find out exactly how to get to our hotel, loving all the updates x

  4. Greg Williams says:

    Shouldn’t there be an “O” and a “C” before the “D”? I like all your photos, and I’m totally not biased (it’s not like we’re related, oh, hang on). Anyway, just have to go and line up some pens…

    • Nina Williams says:

      🙂 Im dying to ask whether that will be by colour of ink or pen style – rollerball, extra fine tecpoint….

  5. Trace, Pedro, Pop and Squeak says:

    Brilliant. Maybe you experiment with some night city scapes. It might resemble something similar to the vision one gets after several cheeky vinos!!

    • Nina Williams says:

      Im loving the concept. I wouldn’t even need to leave the house! I could do it from the upstairs balcony!

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