A-ha moments

It was raining as I entered Brisbane, and I suddenly felt immensely conscious of the extremely ungroomed appearance of both driver and vehicle when I rolled up to a carwash and enquired as to cost of a quick once-over. Peering through cruddy windows with sundry items pressed up against them, the owner looked doubtful about both his ability and desire to make an impact, but feeling sorry for the customer who appeared to have suffered at the lack of a mirror and grown a nice mono-brow, generously agreed to have a go at the exterior only.

Checking into the Sofitel, I encountered a similar reception from the young concierge who didnt want me leaving the car within direct or peripheral vision of any other guest. The overly mirrored lift, and highly groomed liftees had me shrinking to the corner and looking forward to level 18. A lift shutdown soon after confined me to my floor for the next hour without clean city clothes, during which I reflected on my 5522 km odyssey and arrived at some conclusions.

Wardrobe inspiration drawn from travels never translates back home.

Awakening 1: The romantic and lofty plans I had of tearing off into the desert for weeks at a time to take incredible shots were likely curtailed by the persistent sciatica that came with solo responsibility at the bridge.

Awakening 2: Must take more time to go places. Less drive time provides keys to the replica castle and other great attractions.

Awakening 3: It only took two days to start talking to myself, OUT LOUD – early onset dementia previously joked about potentially imminent. Don’t be surprised when I greet you with “…and you are??”

Awakening 4: The apparent flush of health visible in the rear view mirror, leading one to conclude road life suited one, was in fact natures soft focus through a sheen of fine dust.

Awakening 5: Any place that has a sign out saying ‘Best coffee in the [locality]’ doesn’t, and never ask a motelier who does the best pub meal.

W flew in, and staggering away from the seafood buffet, I was ready to do it all again.

4 Comments on “A-ha moments”

  1. Alison says:

    Glad to see you got there in one piece have loved the running commentary enjoy the rest of your holiday maybe in the passenger seat hope that sciatica improves nothing worse x

    • Nina Williams says:

      Thanks love! Very happy to hand over driving duties and lie back in passenger seat nodding off and drooling unattractively. 🙂

  2. Hil Will says:

    Your awakenings are up there with ‘confucius say’. What a blast you’ve had! Loving the rat in jar…. if thats what it is…?

    • Nina Williams says:

      Yes, that is a rat and if you examine closely, things even more disturbing!! I’ve had awakenings since that are even shallower, so much so I keep forgetting to write them down!!
      Mwah xx

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