A burst of botanical

My current obsession is gumnuts. From the nuggety little bell-shaped ones and the elfin button-like ones, to the basic gumnut babies shape that May Gibbs introduced to the world almost 100 years ago. On any given day you will find branches of them lurking in my car, gathered while walking or travelling, and saved for an as yet unidentified purpose.

Heading out in search of the ultimate specimen, I fell upon a wondrous world of shape and colour; nuts that look like they had been piped from an icing bag, tutus and hawaiian skirts bursting from them, pale greens and pinks that belong on textiles, and another reason to love the humble gumtree even more.

Ooldea Mallee, Eucalyptus youngiana

9 Comments on “A burst of botanical”

  1. Samantha Sinclair says:

    Such a lovely subject… so ubiquitous but so unnoticed, until now…. : )

  2. Alison says:

    Wow didn’t realise how beautiful they were!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Saami says:

    What species is the 4th one down?

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