Fleeting glimpses

There is a lot to love about a summer evening and a chilled beverage at sunset, on the Ceduna foreshore. Suffering from an embarrassment of riches in seafood, Ceduna is one of those magical places that owes its contained size to its relative remoteness. The people who live and work here are passionate about fishing, the region, and fishing.

Seated on the balcony and blowing the inherited smoke of other diners away, we were joined at our unfeasibly large dining table by a lovely farmer and his date. Generous with information on the region, garnered by generations of family, he pointed us in the direction of Penong and Cactus Beach. We were not disappointed.

In the fresh morning light we came upon salt lakes of coconut ice, and a surf beach that boasted allegedly one of Australia’s best left handers. Chrissie handed me her polarising filter. Oh.My.Goodness. As one who loves a watery vista, I really should have got one long ago, but I always thought it would be another filter hiding in those otherwise un-useable crevices of my camera bag, clocking up frequent flyer miles but never getting out of their little plastic cases.

SA, Penong, Cactus Beach


Speeding away, Nullabor bound, Chrissie let me in on what I like to refer to as her Fleeting Glimpse technique which involves hanging your camera out the window of a vehicle travelling at 114km per hour, and defying the Vibration Reduction system of your lens. What I was going for here was the idea that you only catch glimpses of things as you speed by the world, you only focus on bits and pieces. It also greatly challenges my (some would argue) pathological need for order and precision. Rookie attempts, more to come.

SA, salt lake

Fleeting glimpse, SA

Fleeting glimpse

2 Comments on “Fleeting glimpses”

  1. Geoff & Di says:

    Hi Nina
    Great to see you are enjoying (enjoyed) your trip to the West. Miss you back here.
    We got our van back fom hail damage and went to Healesville for Labor Day. It would hve been SOOOO easy to hed left instead of right as we lft the park.
    Lots luv to you both
    Geoff & Di

    • Nina Williams says:

      Was just thinking about you! It’s the Perth Caravan and Camping Expo this weekend,and I had a dream that we went there to look at a tent, and instead bought an all singing, all dancing windbag with built in karaoke machine. We won’t be attending. Looking forward to seeing you guys out west! Take the left turn! nxx

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