Dark in Daylesford

Thanks to my fab husband I got to spend my birthday at The Lake House in Daylesford. A biting wind at 5pm told me it would be a clear night which usually translates to me wearing all the clothes from my wardrobe at once, and jumping from foot to foot to keep the circulation going in the arctic night, whilst W waves from warmth behind glass. These were my favourite photos from that night. The first one almost looks painted to me, in that classical style. The tiny pinecones and sawn-off log are what grabbed me to begin with, and the pretty, delicate, branches flanking an ominously disappearing path, like Hansel and Gretel would skip off down it never to be seen again. W’s favourite part is the tiny house in the middle.

I love the colours in this, achieved by the use of a couple of light sources. I also have a special affection for gum trees as you may have gathered, so it wins on that count.

Sucker for a starry sky. Is that Orion’s belt? Can anyone recommend a good star identification site?

These remind me of skeletons. Hmm…recurring gothic interpretation.

Always love to hear what you think. Anything grab you, and why?

6 Comments on “Dark in Daylesford”

  1. Christine says:

    Nina they are lovely – these night images are really coming along. They are interesting because they are so luminious even though taken at night. Love the stars and skies. Christine

    • Nina Williams says:

      Thanks Christine, I love a mixed light source! Ive been waiting for a clear night at Woodend to get in amongst our own bush wilderness. It is perfect for that scary ‘what lurks in the bush’ result. Cloudy last night but 0 degrees at 6am, Im thinking the shooting window was 2-4am when it would have been sub-zero. Haven’t worked myself up to that yet!

  2. Alison Smith says:

    Love all your photos what a great photographer, gets me in touch with Australia

  3. Suz says:

    Nines, I just love the last three. Amazing! Sx

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